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Broadband Access

"The solution [Facebook’s initiative]  includes Gilat Satellite Networks’ X-Architecture platform that will enable Facebook’s local African partners to deliver internet services to underconnected and unconnected communities using Facebook’s Express Wi-Fi access product.

PR issued by SES


Gilat’s SkyEdge II-c products bring affordable broadband access to consumers and small businesses. High-speed data, voice and Internet are delivered by one of the industry’s most advanced, yet easiest to use, VSAT technology. With over a million VSATs shipped to over 430 networks in 90 countries, Gilat is simply synonymous with satellite broadband communications.


Ku/Ka-band compliant SkyEdge II-c delivers high-speed broadband services while meeting the cost efficiencies required by today's residential customers and small businesses. The SkyEdge II-c VSAT portfolio includes high-speed, quick-to-install CPEs with automatic service activation, to provide next-generation Internet services via satellite. 


Utilizing advanced embedded acceleration, caching and security technologies to ensure a superior user experience, SkyEdge II-c terminals enable high download speed rates per site of up to 30Mbps unicast and 66Mbps multicast, supporting fast web browsing and high-quality multimedia, including VoIP, IPTV, video, and other IP services.


SkyEdge II-c with its “EasyConnect” technology provides operational simplicity and reduced OPEX:


  • Simple, do-it-yourself VSAT installation expedites deployment and reduces costs. The VSAT kit is designed with minimum assembly parts and an easy-to-point antenna. In addition, the Gilat Ka-band transceiver is equipped with audible indicators to assist in the fine pointing. The VSAT CPE includes an intuitive GUI interface that guides the installer step by step through the installation and service activation process.


  • Service automation improves service quality and reduces RF interference. SkyEdge II-c includes the VSAT Auto Pointing System (VAPS), which enables automatic installation certification based on local/regional beam parameters. VAPS also includes an RF audit component, which allows the satellite service operator to make an RF audit of the installed terminal base to identify antenna misalignment issues over time.