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Cellular Backhaul

Gilat’s backhaul solution has been acknowledged as the world’s fastest satellite LTE system, as shown by the first place award given to SoftBank by the Small Cell Forum.

High-speed cellular backhaul enabled by SkyEdge II-c Capricorn


Mobile operators around the world are expanding their 3G and LTE networks to keep up with consumers’ insatiable demand for more data delivered at high speeds. These cellular networks can reach download speeds of 100Mbps and must be supported by high-speed backhaul infrastructure. In remote areas traditional terrestrial backhaul is cost prohibitive making satellite backhaul the only option.


As experts in satellite backhaul, Gilat knows how crucial it is to connect unserved rural communities. However, there are several challenges that must be addressed to cost effectively enable and maintain the performance required for 3G/LTE backhaul via satellite.


Gilat addressed these challenges through cost effective embedded acceleration in the SkyEdge II-c hubs and terminals, which overcame the satellite latency issues to support the high speed requirements of 3G/LTE networks. The Capricorn-4 and Capricorn Pro VSATs, which support TDM/TDMA at 200Mbps, were designed explicitly to meet the 3G/LTE performance requirements.


To learn more about the requirements for a high performance TDMA VSAT for high-speed backhauling, read this article published in SatMagazine.