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Cellular Solutions

Gilat’s cellular backhaul solution has been acknowledged as the world’s fastest satellite LTE system, as shown by the first place award given to SoftBank by the Small Cell Forum.


Our satellite-based solutions give you the power to expand or upgrade your cellular network. Our solutions can be deployed rapidly and in any terrain, providing immediate connectivity with minimal OPEX investment.


SkyEdge II-c was designed to operate with high throughput multi-spot beam satellites and enables the ultra-high performance necessary for 3G/LTE high-speed cellular backhaul. The advent of high-throughput satellites (HTS) and cost-effective TDM/TMDA bandwidth acess schemes has reduced the cost of satellite capacity. In parallel, Gilat has rolled out the Capricorn-4 and Capricorn Pro VSATs, which support 200 Mbps download speeds. These developments, taken as a whole, make satellite backhaul a viable option - and not only when terrestrial backhaul is unavailable.


To connect underserved rural communities, Gilat’s small cell over satellite solution cost-effectively delivers 2G, 3G and 4G connectivity. CellEdge helps operators overcome high rollout costs, lack of telecommunications backhaul and power infrastructure. At the same time, CellEdge enables implementation of new business models for remote connectivity.