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Gilat Colombia

Gilat Colombia is a service provider for public telephony and Internet services to rural areas, with the infrastructure and experience as a licensed operator (Build-and-Operate model) in subsidized government projects.


Gilat Colombia started operations in 1999 by winning the government's Compartel I project focused on rural telephony. Since then we were awarded  additional projects with over $100 million in government subsidies in the aggregate – Rural Communitarian Telephony (TRC I and TRC II) and Telecentros. 


Currently, Gilat Colombia operates a network of several thousand telephony and internet sites spread throughout the country, serving several million people. The services for those rural sites include telephony, Internet, data, fax and other services.


Gilat also provides broadband Internet connectivity to over 1,600 schools throughout the country’s rural regions as part of a contract entered into with the Colombian Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication (MINTIC).