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X-Architecture: A Technical Introduction
X-Architecture: A Technical Introduction
X-Architecture for SkyEdge II-c
X-Architecture for SkyEdge II-c


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High Throughput Satellites (HTS) are a game changer in the satellite industry. They provide significantly more throughput than traditional wide beam satellites and are significantly reducing cost-per-bit.


HTS is based on many spot beams (10-100 beams) covering a geographic area rather than the wide beams implemented in traditional satellites. By reusing frequencies, in a method similar to that of cellular networks, spot beam satellites are able to provide much more capacity than standard wide-beam satellites.


Articulating the impact of HTS on the satellite ecosystem is a most challenging task. After years of satellite communications existing as a niche market, useful primarily where terrestrial communications solutions were not feasible, satellites can now compete in high-capacity markets. Hastening this trend are the vastly larger amounts of capacity now available, at lower costs thus opening opportunities for additional markets and applications.


HTS is no less than a revolution, requiring a ground segment designed to address the topology change. Gilat has introduced, X-Architecture, a cloud-based distributed architecture that is flexible and future-proof. X-Architecture for SkyEdge II-c has been designed to address your business needs.


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