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In-Flight Connectivity

Meeting the Demand for In-Flight Connectivity

Gilat offers the most comprehensive broadband backhaul terminal solution for Inflight Connectivity Service Providers (IFC SPs).


Our robust and reliable inflight terminal provides the excellent user experience that today’s passengers expect, enabling them to maximize both the option of business productivity, and that of entertainment for the duration of their journey.


Gilat’s X-Architecture-powered SkyEdge II-c VSAT platform is the preferred ground segment provider for key HTS deployments around the globe. Gilat is unique in providing IFC Service Providers with a full portfolio for in-flight Internet connectivity for commercial airlines. Gilat’s IFC solution is marketed both as individual components and as a full integrated terminal.



  • In-house cutting-edge aero terminal components – antennas, transceivers, and modems
    • Dual-band Ku/Ka terminal maximizes service coverage and capacity availability
    • De-facto industry standard IFC transceivers
    • Ultra-high performance modem manager - 400Mbps
  • Service enablement via SkyEdge II-c global mobility platform
  • Comprehensive NOC services lowering OPEX and accelerating service ramp-up

The Best Performing Antenna on the Market 

RaySat ER6000-A

The RaySat ER6000-A is a high capacity, dual band Ku/Ka aero antenna intended for use on narrow and wide body commercial aircrafts. 

  • Quick and easy electronic switching between frequency bands
  • Dynamic choice between different satellite technologies
  • Efficient low profile and low weight antenna panel technology
  • Maximizes available swept volume under a standard commercial aircraft radome
  • Reduced network operational cost

The De Facto Industry Standard

AeroStream Transceiver


The AeroStream® Ku and Ka radio frequency units (KRFU), produced by Gilat’s subsidiary Wavestream, are already deployed in hundreds of commercial aviation platforms. These transceivers remain unmatched in airborne environments in terms of reliability and performance. Over time, they have become the de facto industry standard, meeting the requirements of Boeing, Airbus and other major aircraft manufacturers.

Best performance, service availability and spectral efficiency



The SkyEdge II-c Taurus modem manager (MODMAN) provides the best performance, service availability and spectral efficiency for IFC services, and meets all satellite communication needs for both HTS and wide beam satellites on a global network.

  • Delivers a high-quality end-user experience.
  • Ultra-high-performance modem manager - 400Mbps
  • Uses advanced QoS features
  • Contains a full set of embedded acceleration features

Powering Your Mobility Network

Gilat powers your mobility network by offering a full end-to-end backhaul solution for in-flight communications, based on the SkyEdge II-c platform powered by X-Architecture. It is designed to support the latest communications standards, and is optimized for Ku and Ka, as well as HTS and wide-beam satellites, enabling maximum flexibility to design contiguous global coverage.


SkyEdge II-c provides transparent switchover between beams, satellites and gateways while maintaining user application sessions. IFC SPs and their users can be confident that their in-flight broadband Internet access will be maintained so that they can experience the highest quality, high-speed connectivity throughout their entire journey.


Expert Managed Service for In-flight Satellite Backhaul

Gilat provides the ground segment infrastructure to multiple global HTS service providers, which can be leveraged to offer the complete satellite backhauling needs to support IFC Service Providers.  

  • Comprehensive managed service
  • Efficiently utilizes the satellite space segment reducing OPEX


SkyEdge II-c’s TotalNMS enables IFC global service providers to manage their services independent of the satellite network operator, providing a complete management suite.

  • Includes real-time viewing of all airborne telemetrics
  • Also enables historic/trend analysis over longer periods
  • Offers an automated and easy-to-use interface with high-level visibility and flexibility.