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Maritime vessels today expect a secure and continuous broadband connection -- no matter how remote their location. Critical operational decisions depend on it. So does the contentment of passengers and crew. That's why VSAT-powered maritime communications, once limited to high-end segments such as container fleets, cruise ships, and freight companies, are now gaining traction with smaller vessels as well. According to a Comsys report, the number of connected vessels could reach as many as 50,000 over the next few years.


To meet this growing demand, Gilat has developed low-cost Ku- and Ka- band satellite communications products. These high-speed terminals are specifically tailored for small vessels and are powered by SkyEdge II-c.


In addition, Gilat offers spectrally efficient and powerful VSATs that can be easily integrated with existing antennas and ship infrastructure. Recently, SES selected Gilat to provide maritime VSATs for its Ka-band spot beams, delivering high-speed maritime coverage over Europe, including the North Sea, the Irish Sea and inland waterways.


Benefits of the Gilat solution include: 


  • Five times faster than the leading VSAT solutions
  • Affordable terminal for small vessel connectivity
  • Higher spectral efficiency
  • Ku- and Ka- band compatibility
  • Automatic beam switching for seamless coverage
  • Improved crew retention and quality of life