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"China National Offshore Oil Company (CNOOC) needed to improve communications among its offshore oil and gas drilling rigs, production platforms, offshore facilities, corporate headquarters, Internet and local PSTN networks. CNOOC selected the SkyEdge II MF-TDMA VSAT because it supports Voice over IP, broadband data and video communications using both mesh and star topologies." 

-- SatMagazine


The Oil & Gas industry counts on reliable communications for optimal operations. In recent years, the communications demands of this industry have been increasing. This is evident in exploration and production (E&P) and also in distribution tankers and pipelines. The trend towards faster communications is due partly to the availability of compact broadband satellite communications equipment, which takes up less deck real estate, and lower pricing for satellite bandwidth capacity, driven by the introduction of new satellite launches.


This is also due to the fact that Oil & Gas companies and integrators are introducing more bandwidth-hungry applications on board fleets and on offshore platforms, such as real-time monitoring systems, ERP systems and video conferencing.


Improvements in satellites, VSATs, antenna systems and BUCs are enabling Oil & Gas companies to meet their demand for higher bandwidth on offshore platforms and fleets. In order to make the most of available network capacity and ensure reliable, high-performance, differentiated data services, the communications network should support the following requirements:


  • multiple backup options to avoid loss of communications
  • traffic differentiation per application and automatic scheduling and priority
  • seamless interoperability with Ethernet, MPLS and IP international backbones
  • advanced acceleration and optimization for Internet traffic


Gilat’s innovative products and solutions for the Oil & Gas industry are equipped with the necessary features to support these requirements.