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RaySat ER5000-M

Ruggedized Ka- and Ku-Band SOTM Antenna


For military C4I, national security, and rescue operations, Satcom On-The-Move (SOTM) is the only reliable choice for continuous broadband communications.


The RaySat ER5000-M is a MIL-STD compliant, lightweight, low-profile, 2-way antenna system that enables real-time broadband satellite communications for video, voice and data transfer, supporting both Ka- and Ku-band. Its sturdy structure and size allow installation on a wide range of vehicles and vessels.


The ER5000-M can be offered as part of a complete integrated SOTM terminal which includes the antenna, a Gilat/Wavestream BUC and a Gilat MLT1000 modem.  When integrated with 3rd-party modems, the antenna is supplied with an Antenna Control Unit (ACU).



  • Supports standard and extended Ku-band
  • Supports civilian and military Ka-band
  • MIL-STD compliant
  • Easy and quick installation on small vehicles and vessels
  • Quick auto-acquisition, tracking and re-acquisition
  • Optional integrated terminal including an antenna, BUC, and modem