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RaySat ER6000-M

Tri-Band Low-Profile Antenna


For military C4I, national security, and rescue operations, Satcom On-The-Move (SOTM) is the only reliable choice for continuous broadband communications.


The RaySat ER6000-M is an innovative, MIL-STD compliant, 2-way antenna system that covers three bands: the civilian Ka, military Ka, and Ku bands. It was uniquely designed for quick and easy electronic switching between frequency bands, without requiring any disassembly or parts replacement. This solution enables real-time broadband satellite communications for video, voice and data on-the-move in the most demanding operation environments.


The SR6000-M can be offered as part of a complete integrated SOTM terminal which includes the antenna, a Gilat/Wavestream BUC and a Gilat MLT1000 modem.  When integrated with 3rd-party modems, the antenna is supplied with an Antenna Control Unit (ACU).



  • Extended and standard Ku-bands
  • Civilian and military Ka-bands
  • Electronic switching between frequency bands
  • MIL-STD compliant
  • Quick auto-acquisition, tracking and re-acquisition
  • Optional integrated terminal including antenna, BUC and modem