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"We're proud to help play a key supporting role in Dollar General's national expansion, not only with rapidly deployable VSAT connectivity, but also with our overall approach to Managed Network Services....deploying the largest, and fastest growing business continuity retail network in the country."

Glenn Katz, President and CEO, Spacenet


Gilat enables cost-effective delivery of broadband to widely dispersed, multi-site retail operations. With Gilat's infrastructure, retailers can implement advanced systems such as video surveillance,  point of sales (POS), loyalty programs and real-time inventory control.


For example, more and more consumers are visiting gas stations as their one-stop shop of choice for purchasing food items at the onsite convenience store as well as making ATM cash withdrawals. Deploying a Gilat VSAT solution converts the traditional roadside station into an attractive shopping center that can help to build customer loyalty by offering value-added, online services that were previously unavailable at the pump. Moreover, it comprises the core of an efficient, affordable and always-on satellite network linking all stations, no matter how geographically remote they are from one another.