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Rural Communications

Across the globe, governments are taking steps to implement broadband solutions for all their residents. In many countries Universal Service Obligations/Funding (USO/USF) have grown in scope to include broadband, as it is increasingly seen as a need almost equivalent to such basic utilities as running water, or electricity. Sometimes governments offer more explicit support, such as various incentives to operators willing to expand their operations to underserved areas, but whether  subtle or explicit, the direction is clear. Providing broadband access is considered a national priority.


Gilat has almost 30 years' experience in delivering rural solutions, together with the comprehensive experience required to deploy and operate networks in any terrain. Our success in delivering end-to-end rural communications worldwide, year after year, is further boosted by our broad industry expertise, our extensive technological knowledge, and our capability to get the job done well, deliver on time and wholly fulfill the scope of the project. 


Gilat covers the entire project life cycle, from Network Design, to Implementation and Operations. We leverage our experience so that we can accurately estimate costs, offer technical solutions, anticipate legal issues, and suggest business models appropriate for rural communications. Throughout the span of the project, Gilat provides Internet Computing Technology (ICT) end user education as a key service. By teaching basic computer literacy on a large scale, we hope to ensure that new broadband consumers maximize the benefits of Internet access.