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Today more businesses are relying on their VSAT networks for both corporate intranets and the Internet. As a result reliability, high performance and maximum utilization have become critical factors of their overall business strategy. Gilat’s SatCare programs help you to achieve and even exceed your financial, operational, management and service objectives by offering professional consultation, optimization, monitoring and technical support.


Key Features

  • Improved Network Utilization 
  • Increased Network Uptime
  • Simplified Network Operations
  • Increased Flexibility and Scalability0
  • Financial Objectives Achievment
  • 24/7 technical support

Taking Care of Your Business

At Gilat, we believe that your satisfaction is a key to our success as a company. The standards of excellence at our Customer Services department are part of Gilat’s commitment not only to you, but also to our industry leadership. Gilat Customer Services is responsible for overseeing the overall success of your VSAT network from a technical, logistical, operational and business perspective.


Satellite networks, like any other advanced technology, require expertise and understanding in order to capitalize on their capabilities. Whether you are operating VSAT networks entirely with your own staff or with outsourced systems support, Gilat’s Customer Services department will ensure that you receive the suitable support, tools and information when you need them. Our expert services through any of the SatCare programs provide the confidence and comfort in knowing that your critical networking components will be available when internal and external users place the highest demands on them. 

We are committed to working with you to design, implement, maintain and manage your network in order to increase the productivity of your end-users through higher levels of performance and elimination of downtime.


SatCare Plans

Gilat’s SatCare support programs offer three levels to choose from: Classic, Premium and Royal. Each program is designed taking into account your specific requirements, network size and financial assets and considerations. Allow us the opportunity to demonstrate our capabilities to solve your critical needs in a timely and professional manner. Gilat’s Customer Service group stands ready to assist your organization’s
VSAT network support requirements at every level.






Access to Gilat’s customer website


Technical Assistance Center (TAC)


Software update


Remote configuration change





Preventive maintenance visits; audit report





Telephone availability for critical cases









We offer a professional and complete range of deployment, operations and maintenance services to help you minimize your risks, lower your network operating expense, reduce your time to revenue, and maximize your network uptime. To learn more about our comprehensive warranty services please contact your Gilat representative.