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SkyEdge II-c

Many Markets, One Platform

Single, Integrated Hub for Multiple Markets

As the practical uses for VSAT communications grow in scope – Consumer, Enterprise, IP Trunking, Mobility, Backhaul – a single VSAT platform that can deliver all of a network operator’s services is a valuable commodity. To meet this need, Gilat brings you the multi-market SkyEdge II-c platform. This high- performance hub system, along with comprehensive network management and a family of mission-specific terminals, enables satellite service providers to support any application.

Scalable in all Dimensions

SkyEdge II-c is designed to support the needs of any hub network operator, whether you’re adding to the number of services you’re offering, ramping up your network’s data traffic, or increasing the number of frequency bands, carriers, satellites or satellite beams to which you connect.

This VSAT platform features a scalable distributed network architecture, enabling efficient and robust HTS ground segment deployment over any number of satellite gateway locations, data centers and network operations centers. Advanced high-density chassis architecture minimizes rack space and power.

SkyEdge II-c makes it easy to expand capacity as demand grows and extend services to new markets with minimal investment. Full service automation, including VSAT installation certification, is handled without human intervention, enabling scalable and simple service activation without a single phone call. Our simple VSAT installation, including a Do-It-Yourself option for the consumer market, reduces setup costs and thereby reduces service subsidies.

Flexible VNO Models for Host Network Operators

Using the SkyEdge II-c Total NMS management system, VNOs have full control of their terminals and full flexibility to define and manage their own services. They also gain detailed VSAT monitoring information such as VSAT status, bandwidth usage and RF levels.


Other Benefits

  • High-Availability Dense Architecture for support of unmanned gateway operations

  • Advanced Chassis Design for maximum service time and simplified network operations

  • High-Performance Router/ModemTerminals for the provision of next-generation, high-speed services via satellite


  • Unified and Centralized TotalNMS for full configuration, control and monitoring of all hub elements and remote terminals, regardless of their physical location


  • Automated Activation of Services – like antenna pointing, RF certification and auditing, and optional ISP authentication – for operational simplicity and reduced OPEX