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SkyEdge II-c

While multi-spot beam Ka/Ku satellite networks mean increased throughput and affordability for end users, they can also create more complexity for network operators when it comes to managing multiple services and multiple gateways.


To dramatically simplify your network operation, Gilat Satellite Networks has drawn on 25 years of broadband satellite communications to introduce the SkyEdge II-c platform. This high-performance dynamo integrates in a compact chassis all network services - including Fair Use System, QoS, Web acceleration, Compression, Encryption and IP services - and uses a single Network Management System to control all hub elements at all gateways and all VSATs.


SkyEdge II-c system supports large-scale broadband services for both consumer and enterprise applications, including fast web browsing, high-speed trunking, video streaming, IPTV, VoIP and other bandwidth-intensive services.


Increased Performance with Lower Costs


Enhanced forward channel technology in SkyEdge II-c:


  • Increases DVB-S2 bandwidth efficiency with 1.1 roll-off factor, saving around 10% in satellite capacity


  • Expands the forward carrier capabilities to 67Msps using Adaptive Coding and Modulation (ACM). By increasing carrier throughput to 250Mbps, 66Msps carriers enable the support of more bits to Hz


  • Supports multi forward carriers managed as a single pool, with automatic load balancing of terminals


  • High throughput carriers enable coverage of wide multi-spot beam transponders with a minimum number of forward channel carriers, reducing gateway capital expenditures and increasing utilization of space segment resources.


On the return channel, Gilat’s patent pending algorithm for adaptive return channels preserves network capacity and automated network operation and planning. The advanced multidimensional adaptive return channel supports automatic up link power control (AULPC), adaptive channel rate, and adaptive Modulation and Coding of up to 8PSK.


The tightly integrated architecture of QoS, TCP optimization and enhanced HTTP acceleration brings an unmatched level of user experience. The increased efficiency enables enterprise and government customers, Internet service providers and satellite operators to maximize the bandwidth of their consumer and enterprise network in order to deliver a higher quality of service at lower costs



Key Features of SkyEdge II-c Platform


The SkyEdge II-c system employs sophisticated features and capabilities that help deliver competitive services while simplifying network operations, including:


TotalNMS, a completely new and modern web-based network management system provides simplified operations for small and large networks, as well as customized capabilities for Service Providers, ISPs and VNOs. Enhanced FCAPS functions and the electronic machine to machine interface enables full visibility, control and seamless integration with the operator’s OSS/BSS environment.


Fair Use System (FUS) delivers flexible and competitive Service Level Agreements (SLAs) including configurable usage plans per network and per ISP, free time zones allowing plan hour exclusion, top-up options with automatic redirection to walled gardens, fair allocation of bandwidth based on network congestion, customer priority and usage profile, and more;


ISP Management Interface supports wholesale service models, machine to machine and secure GUI interface to define SLAs (MIR/CIR), monitor VSAT status, and support service activation and provisioning allowing them autonomous business operations. An advanced usage-based billing system enables billing as per ISP requirements;


Multi-tiered Acceleration and Compression enables fast web surfing and application response using TCP Acceleration, Unique HTTP acceleration (DNS Caching, Pre-fetching, Compression & Optimization), Payload and IP Header compression;


Rich IPv6 Stack with comprehensive feature set and IP routers provides advanced, comprehensive support for IPv6;


Do-It-Yourself Ka VSAT Installation saves installation costs and eliminates on-going operations complexity;


New, Self-installable Compact Hub enablesrapid assembly and installation with acompetitive entry price that allows customers to start small with a lower initial investment and scale as needed;


Enhanced System Security provides secure service to the service provider and to end-users with over-the-air HW-based AES-256 encryption. The system also employs X.509 terminal authentication, authorization and accounting (AAA).