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Small Cell over Satellite

Deliver affordable cellular services with optimized small cell over satellite backhaul


As experts in satellite backhaul, Gilat knows how crucial and challenging it is to connect unserved rural communities. Gilat’s CellEdge integrated small cell over satellite solution does just that, cost effectively delivering second and third generation cellular connectivity to remote areas.


CellEdge enables operators to overcome high rollout costs, lack of telecommunications backhaul and power infrastructure, as well as low consumer uptake and low average revenue per user (ARPU).


The integrated solution comprises a small cell that is optimized to provide an enhanced user experience while supporting the business case for remote connectivity. With CellEdge, operators reduce capital expenditure (CAPEX) through low-cost equipment and low installation costs and greatly reduce operating expenditure (OPEX) with cost-effective solar power.


Gilat technology also minimizes satellite space segment overhead by applying efficient voice and data compression combined with satellite bandwidth allocation on demand, which reduces satellite OPEX by up to 80%, compared to traditional solutions.


CellEdge Benefits:


• Optimized for satellite backhaul

• Up to 80% OPEX reduction

• High bandwidth efficiency

• Enhanced user experience

• High transmission power

• Extremely low power consumption


To learn more about Connecting Rural Areas Cost Effectively, read the article published in SatMagazine.

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