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Train Connectivity

The latest satellite technology, integrated with one of the oldest mass transportation methods, produces a premium travel experience – and opens an attractive market for ISPs.


Sleek, spacious, and increasingly capable of high-speed, trains are as popular as ever. In busy urban corridors, trains are increasingly in competition with airways for passengers. This is particularly true for short hops between urban areas – a train ride is comparable in time and cost to a plane ride. In these cases, deciding between these means of transport can hinge on the quality of the passenger experience. Always-on connectivity becomes an expectation rather than a luxury and the ability to provide this service becomes a key differentiator. Studies show that mobile and Internet connectivity is a factor for travelers considering which method of transport to take. In train travel, there are two areas where traditional cellular connectivity solutions fall short: rural routes that lack network coverage and high-speed rail (HSR) trains that move between cellular base stations faster than a cellular network can handle the location transitions. Gilat's solution to this issue - a low-profile, high gain antenna uniquely suited to high-speed train travel - is a difference-maker for ensuring train connectivity.


Passengers can connect to the internet on any device, no matter how fast or how far the train moves. Gilat's offering provides a reliable connection that is impervious to tunnels or extreme weather conditions.