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UAV Terminals

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Gilat's solutions for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) address the defense and military market's critical need to exploit the full capabilities of the aircraft’s operational range. As one of the industry's smallest and most compact aerial solutions in its category, Gilat's integrated approach can dramatically increase mission effectiveness. Its miniature dimensions allow beyond line of sight (BLoS) operations for even the smallest UAV platforms, while supporting UAV video and data downlink and uplink applications.


Leveraging in-house satellite communications technologies has enabled Gilat to address customers’ critical need for reduced size and weight, while offering an affordable, tightly integrated solution with fast customization times. For example, the terninal below is a miniature, lightweight integrated terminal specifically designed to provide high data-rate video download for small, tactical, long-endurance UAVs.




Gilat's BlackRay™ 1000 low-weight UAV terminal can transmit 1Mbps of IP-based data. The BlackRay™ 1000 comprises:

  • a ruggedized, spread-spectrum Gilat satellite modem

  • a 2-way, on-the-move RaySat flat-panel tracking antenna

  • a compact, up to 40W, Ku-band WaveStream block up-converter (BUC) and power amplifier.