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"Gilat's delivery of this project is a testament of their ability to successfully execute a national-scale initiative with such stringent timetables and high levels of logistical complexity."
-- Valery Lokhin, General Director, RTComm



Gilat’s SkyEdge broadband satellite communications systems' reliability, efficiency and ease of use  make them a natural choice for a wide range of government applications, bringing vital services to citizens, local communities and businesses.

Examples include:


Health – Connecting all hospitals and clinics around the country with a management system to control all government assets, treatment programs, drugs, medicine and consumables


Voting –  Implementing a full process of elections on national level, a dedicated “election day” network, connecting all polls and government offices for an accurate, modern and transparent democratic election process


Security – Connecting all police stations around the country with border control and government security entities


Justice – Allowing law and legal offices to access the justice system for information and case handling


Payments - Faciliating payments to governments via a secured financial network 


Education - Providing broadband solutions for school connectivity