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IFC KuKa Antenna

Seamless Ku/Ka Coverage for IFC


Gilat's robust and reliable dual-band inflight connectivity antenna is essential for delivering the excellent user experience that today’s passengers expect, enabling them to maximize both the option of business productivity and of entertainment for the duration of their journey. Our antenna is based on an open architecture, works with any service, and can be easily integrated with all leading IFC components.


The ER-6000A, our IFC Ku/Ka antenna, allows for switching between Ku and Ka bands during flight, enabling seamless operation in either band as required. This solution enables aeronautical real-time broadband satellite communications for video, voice and data.


 Gilat ER-6000A Antenna 


Designed for both Boeing and Airbus, the antenna maximizes gain with a design that optimizes the available volume beneath today's standard line-fit radomes.  By using high-efficiency waveguide panel technology, the antenna maximizes throughput. Its low profile and light weight ensure easy and safe mounting on aircraft. Multiple onboard tracking sensors enable accurate tracking, short initial acquisition and instantaneous re-acquisition.


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