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Ka Band

Ka Band Grid Power Amplifier  (12W)

The premier choice for embedding modular, high power amplifiers into portable, integrated satellite communications systems such as Comms-on-the-Move (COTM) and micro-flyaway terminals.  


Ka-Band Grid Power Amplifier


Ka Band Matchbox BUC  (12W)

Leads the industry in providing maximum output power in the most lightweight, compact and efficient feed-mount package for mobile, flyaway and VSAT terminals.                                                                           




Ka Band Matchbox BUC  (25W)

Leads the industry in linear power for a feed mount-ready package, to ensure maximum available power at the feed flange.





Ka Band Grid BUC (50W)

The smallest, lightest and most efficient solid state amplifier built at this power level.


Ka-Band Grid BUC