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The net-centric battlefield has increased the importance of quick-deploy satcom-on-the pause and on-the-move for military applications. Gilat’s SatTrooper series of tactical, quick-deploy communications solutions for warfighters and military forces provide dependable data, video and telephony in a compact, portable manpack. The antenna, built-in modem, BUC and LNB are integrated in one, ruggedized enclosure, enabling rapid connectivity even in the harshest environmental conditions. The small-sized antenna can be set up for use in minutes, with no special tools for assembly; pointing is automatic.




  • Lightweight
  • Fully integrated MLT-1000 modem, BUC, LNB
  • Available with dish antenna or flat antenna
  • Auto pointing
  • Simple to operate, quick setup time
  • Full operation in Ku-, Ka- or X-band