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SkyEdge II

The SkyEdge II platform is designed and optimized for broadband satellite communications, supporting data, VoIP and video applications. An excellent solution for broadband IP networks with high-speed inbound requirements, SkyEdge II offers a high-performance, cost-effective way to deliver the communications services that enterprises, carriers, service providers and governments require.


By incorporating the latest communication technologies such as DVB-S2 and adaptive RCS based inbound, SkyEdge II offers reduced total cost of ownership (TCO). SkyEdge II VSATs provide more throughput - enabling more applications and a better end user experience. SkyEdge II includes a full range of remote terminals (VSATs) to address every communication and price/performance requirement. The VSAT offering enables operators to provide both Star and Mesh type services and supports a flexible service scheme. 


SkyEdge II Hub

­­The SkyEdge II hub is the main element of SkyEdge II, acting as the center point of the satellite network. It is a redundant, modular, grow-as-you-go product, which is located in an earth station/teleport together with the RFT and hub antenna. The hub transmits and receives signals towards the VSATs over the satellite. The SkyEdge II hub further supports mesh and multi-star topologies and can be used in various RF bands: C-band, Ku-band, Ka-band and X-band. It also plays a dual role in the network, providing network signaling and control, as well as serving as a terrestrial traffic gateway for the remote sites.


SkyEdge II NMS

The SkyEdge II NMS is a carrier-class management system that provides a global network view while allowing the operator to drill down to the individual element level. The SkyEdge II client/server NMS gives operators multi-tasking, central monitoring and control of the entire network. The operator can view, modify and download individual configuration items of the hub and remote terminals. The NMS server is accessed via a homogeneous user interface that runs on the networks clients. The NMS functionality provides network configuration, operator management, network monitoring and control, alarm and event display, statistics gathering and event.


Bandwidth Optimizer Add-on

The BWO-II is an optional hub component that reduces the required space capacity of a planned VSAT network by 15% to 30%. It can also enable more VSATs to be added to an existing network, without adding space segment.