The New Simple In Internet Connectivity

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In this special webinar hosted by Gilat's Yaron Katriel, you will learn how SkyEdge II-c lets you offer your customers the totally right Internet service plans and bandwidth usage levels to fit their needs -- faster than ever before! Now you can give your VNOs the autonomy to choose their business model and ISPs the flexibility to provide customized and competitive plans and services. That means their customers get what they want, when and how they want it.


SkyEdge II-c simply enables:

  • Customized value-add services and usage plans for ISPs
  • Flexible business models for operators and VNOs
  • Minimal initial investment, with the ability to scale
  • Better web experience with patented HTTP acceleration     
  • Integrated and automated Ka/Ku network management
  • Ka VSAT self-installation that saves time and money
  • Rapid and efficient hub assembly and installation