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Delivering Communication to the Power of X



X-Architecture is a distributed VSAT ground segment architecture based on Software Defined Networking (SDN), addressing current and future needs with one platform that supports both fixed and mobility SATCOM applications. Service expansion can be achieved to markets such as broadband consumer, enterprise, cellular and mobility.


X-Architecture frees you to grow your business with a network specifically designed to address tomorrow’s opportunities. With X-Architecture, you can provide broader coverage and increase your satellite bandwidth capacity using traditional wide-beam satellites or High Throughput Satellites (HTS) in any frequency band: C, Ku and Ka.


X-Architecture enables multiple managed-service business models for Virtual Network Operators (VNOs). The service is easily scalable with minimal equipment to as many VNOs as required. The architecture has been designed with utmost flexibility and unprecedented density thus saving rack space and power


X-Architecture features a distributed, cloud-based design, which separates data center functions from baseband elements. The network is easily controlled by a global, unified, and centralized network management system, TotalNMS. SkyEdge II-c TotalNMS enables full configuration, control and monitoring of all hub elements and remote terminals, regardless of their physical location.


 With X-Architecture for SkyEdge II-c, your network’s potential is boundless.


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