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About Gilat


Taking Satellite Communications into the Elastix Era

Next-generation satellite technology is evolving to multi-orbit constellations that include Non-Geostationary Orbit (NGSO) constellations and Very High Throughput Satellites (VHTS) in Geosynchronous Earth Orbit (GEO). This next generation of satellite communication will enable ubiquitous connectivity for fixed and mobility sites anywhere at land, sea and air, extend 5G networks and mobile Edge computing to serve remote sites and enable mass market growth to connect IoT devices everywhere. Disruptive innovation is required to provide the needed higher throughput and higher flexibility as addressed with Gilat’s SkyEdge IV platform.

At Gilat, we refer to this next generation as the Elastix Era. It’s an era in which software-defined satellites and cloud-based applications are leveraged to efficiently focus the satellite and ground segment resources where and when there is actual demand.

In this new Era, managing these complex new satellites and constellations requires unique innovation in the ground segment. Tight coordination between ground and space is necessary to manage software-defined platforms, dynamically and automatically configure carriers, do higher throughput data processing, and enable network orchestration capabilities while communicating with moving satellites.

Developing new, cutting-edge products and finding creative ways to take advantage of existing and emerging satellite communications technologies is what separates Gilat from the competition and provides added value for our customers.

For over 30 years, Gilat has been a pioneer and leading innovator in satellite communications. Our dedication to constant product and business innovation places our customers at the forefront of the dynamic satellite communications industry. We invest heavily in R&D and operate five R&D centers worldwide, where our skilled engineers develop innovative, future-ready solutions to support evolving customer and market needs.

Gilat is driving innovation of the ground segment with our new SkyEdge IV platform. Watch our video to learn more.


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