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Timor Blau, Strategic Account Manager
Connecting Australia

I went on a mission to Australia and met with the government — they wanted us to find a way to connect every rural house in the Outback to the Internet. Connecting communities to the Internet has a domino effect. With Gilat Satellite Communications’ infrastructure, we can enhance medical facilities, education systems, commerce and create businesses.

It made me proud to see a very small village in the Outback that wasn’t connected to the Internet, now connect 50 families to the world. They get better cell coverage today at home than they ever did in the center of Sydney, since we established a cell tower just for them. We see this happening with each community we work with in the Outback.

Once satellites were launched in Australia, they saw the opportunities our technology provided, including in-flight connectivity, Cellular Backhaul, different enterprise applications and we also influenced the banking, oil and gas industries. We are now working on ways to solve more challenges with our technology in Australia.

Chasing a dream with in-flight connectivity

We envisioned a brand new product for in-flight connectivity based on airborne modem technology, and pioneered what is today, the best technology in the market. At Gilat, you actually get to design your dream product and then sell, develop, and implement it.

In-flight connectivity is one of the largest market trends in the industry that continues to grow. To penetrate a multi-billion dollar market you must have a real strong innovative driven culture. That is exactly the kind of missions that inspire us to push boundaries, design innovative technology, and create the fastest connectivity solution in the market.

The management and leadership teams at Gilat genuinely rely on what R&D can do and we always get to create new technologies.

Embracing huge challenges

Technology is at the heart of everything we do. Our technology is cutting-edge, we provide something innovative which is faster, more reliable and more efficient.

Since there is never a one-solution-fits-all, you need to do a lot of design work and develop a very customized and original solution for you to show to your customer.

At Gilat, it’s always a team effort that includes R&D, network design, presale, operations, product management and sales. As one diverse team, you get to jump in and see what the real challenges are.