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Nir Sharvit, Director of Antennae and RFIC
Developing a new semiconductor 

I joined Gilat to build a new team with semiconductor capabilities that Gilat didn’t have before. We are building a full chip that Gilat will use for its’ applications.

When it comes to mobility like planes, trains, or ships, if there is a satellite in a fixed position and the platform is moving, the satellite needs to be tracked. Traditionally, we used a panel and motor to track it, but the new and innovative idea is that the antenna is static and the RFIC controls the antenna just by changing some parameters. This is the application for the chips we are developing and it’s very exciting

A startup inside Gilat

What attracted me to Gilat was the opportunity to build up a full activity from zero with a new team. We are like a startup inside Gilat. We are working in a hi-tech company developing semiconductors with all the capabilities we need and we have the backing of a big company like Gilat, so we can play.

We have a lot of influence as a team. We work in an exciting and challenging environment while having the job security of a big company. Now, Gilat has a team with new skills. Gilat trusts us, knowing we will deliver our goals on-time which makes the team feel very proud.

Working at Gilat, we see that we are solving new technological challenges and that we also can handle many projects simultaneously.

Owning everything you do

As engineers, we are involved in every step of the way. We are there for the packaging, the software, the design, and we determine how to make it run on mass production. We have a huge impact, and can develop a broad skillset while being involved with projects throughout the entire process.

The message we are getting from our managers is: these are our goals, do it, be creative, try, explore — they really trust you. At other companies, because there are so many employees who are focused on narrow things, you are limited by what the scope of your decision, but at Gilat, you really get to own everything you do.

Gilat really values their employees. You can see every person here counts and that the organization really cares for its people. You are not just a number at Gilat, we are appreciated and get to build products from scratch.