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Oil & Gas

Reliable, high-performance broadband connectivity
for your business-critical applications

The complex and isolated nature of oil & gas operations magnifies the need for highly reliable communications. As most exploration and production activities take place in offshore and remote areas, dependable communications with headquarters are imperative – for business, safety and environmental reasons.

Oil & gas companies’ communication needs cover a wide range of high-bandwidth applications for far-off rigs, such as real-time monitoring and video surveillance, ERP systems and video conferencing, in addition to voice and data communications among global offices and offshore sites. Business continuity and disaster recovery are also critical requirements for risk-laden oil & gas operations.

Gilat offers an innovative, high-performance VSAT solution catered specifically to the demanding broadband needs of the oil & gas industry. This flexible and scalable solution is comprised of an advanced VSAT hub platform, as well as a range of terminals, antenna systems and BUCs that deliver reliable broadband communications to distant platforms and fleets. Gilat’s solution supports multiple backup options to avoid failures, QoS-based traffic differentiation per application, seamless interoperability with Ethernet, MPLS and IP backbones, and advanced acceleration and optimization for Internet traffic.

Top reasons for choosing Gilat’s Oil & Gas solution:

  • Integrated satellite communications for rigs, platforms, vessels, pipelines and offices
  • Single solution for all complex oil & gas applications reduces costs and facilitates maintenance
  • Flexible support for star, mesh and multi-star topologies
  • Reliable, high-performance throughput for real-time, business-critical applications
  • Advanced QoS and access schemes to support all necessary applications

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