Powering Secure and Reliable Broadband Connectivity for Mobile Military Platforms

Satellite communications provide military personnel with a significant advantage, allowing them to stay connected with one another and with command headquarters at all times from any location. To enable secure and uninterrupted connectivity for real-time broadband voice and data communications, military and government organizations require innovative satellite-on-the-move (SOTM) technologies.

Gilat’s RaySat product line of low-profile, military-grade antennas for SOTM applications are specially designed for quick deployment on a wide range of vehicles, vessels and platforms. These battle-tested, ruggedized antennas meet the demanding requirements of on-the-move and on-the-pause applications, such as C4I, homeland security and emergency response.

The compact, high-performance RaySat military antennas deliver mission-critical data, voice, and video for secure real-time information flow and can be easily and safely mounted on the relevant platform. To meet the diverse operational needs, RaySat antennas operate in Ku-, Ka-, and X-bands.