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AEROEDGE 6000 Fully Integrated, High Performance Ku/Ka Aero Terminal

AeroEdge 6000 is a fully integrated Ku/Ka aero terminal that includes a dual-band antenna system, high performance MODMAN, KRFU and KANDU. Built to address the unique challenges facing IFC service providers, AeroEdge 6000 combines innovative dual-band design, superior performance and spectral efficiency to deliver the highest quality broadband applications to passengers throughout their flight.

Ideal for seamless transition between regional (Ka) and transatlantic (Ku) coverage, the ER6000-A dual-band Ku/Ka antenna system transparently switches between frequency bands without requiring any disassembly or component replacement. The antenna leverages this flexibility to dynamically choose between the best available satellite resources based on price, weather or geo-location.

AeroEdge 6000 utilizes the SkyEdge II-c Taurus MODMAN to optimize the throughput and efficiency of IFC services. Taurus contains a full set of embedded protocol optimization and application acceleration features that ensure fast web browsing for the ultimate online passenger experience. Highest spectral efficiency is delivered via wideband DVB-S2X carriers in the forward direction and fast adaptive and spread-spectrum LDPC transmission in the return direction.

Gilat’s flexible technology and satellite-agnostic architecture enables service providers to optimize satellite bandwidth costs. The open architecture permits our antennas and modems to operate with equipment from different vendors.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Fully integrated high performance Ku/Ka aero terminal including antenna, MODMAN, KRFU and KANDU
  • Superior antenna system transmission/ reception performance and efficiency
  • Automatic beam/gateway/satellite switchover to maintain application continuity
  • Designed to assure continuous gate-to-gate operation
  • Open architecture enables easy third-party integration
  • Compliant with ARINC-791 and RTCA/DO-160G