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SATTROOPER Fully Integrated, Lightweight Manpack for Military Operations
Fully Integrated, Lightweight Manpack for Military Operations

In today’s net-centric battlefield, the value of on-demand satellite-on-the pause and on-the-move communications has never been greater. Providing troops with access to real-time intelligence on the ground – where and when they need it – can be the difference between a successful or an aborted mission.

Gilat’s SatTrooper series of tactical, quick-deploy communications solutions deliver reliable data, video and telephony connectivity in a compact, portable manpack. Wherever their mission takes them, SatTrooper gives government agents and warfighters the connectivity they need to get the job done.

SatTrooper is highly integrated and its ergonomic design ensures maximum comfort and resilience. The antenna, built-in modem, BUC and LNB are integrated in one, ruggedized military-standard enclosure, built to withstand the most extreme environmental conditions. Perfect for time-sensitive military operations, the antenna can be set up for use in minutes, with no special tools for assembly and fully automatic pointing.

SatTrooper’s embedded Gilat MLT-1000 modem supports high availability in secure mode and excellent performance in extremely low SNR conditions. An optional remote control unit (RCU) enables operation and configuration from a safe location or shelter.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Portable, lightweight (13.5 kg) solution that can be carried in a backpack
  • Fully integrated, compact manpack including antenna, modem, ACU and BUC
  • Available with dish antenna or flat antenna
  • Long-lasting battery operation of more than 4 hours
  • Less than 3-minute setup time with automatic pointing
  • Full operation in Ku, Ka or X bands