SKYEDGE II SYSTEM Broadband Satellite Communications Supporting Data, VoIP and Video Applications
SkyEdge II System

Broadband Satellite Communications Supporting Data, VoIP and Video Applications

The SkyEdge II platform is a designed and optimized excellent solution for broadband IP networks with high-speed inbound requirements. SkyEdge II offers a high-performance, cost-effective way to deliver the communications services that enterprises, carriers, service providers and governments require.

 By incorporating communication technologies such as DVB-S2 and adaptive RCS based inbound, SkyEdge II offers reduced total cost of ownership (TCO). SkyEdge II VSATs provide more throughput – enabling more applications and a better end user experience. SkyEdge II includes a full range of remote terminals (VSATs) to address every communication and price/performance requirement. The VSAT offering enables operators to provide both Star and Mesh type services and supports a flexible service scheme. 

SkyEdge II Hub

­­The SkyEdge II hub is the main element of SkyEdge II, acting as the center point of the satellite network. It is a redundant, modular, grow-as-you-go product, which is located in an earth station/teleport together with the RFT and hub antenna. The hub transmits and receives signals towards the VSATs over the satellite. The SkyEdge II hub further supports mesh and multi-star topologies and can be used in various RF bands: C-band, Ku-band, Ka-band and X-band. It also plays a dual role in the network, providing network signaling and control, as well as serving as a terrestrial traffic gateway for the remote sites.

Bandwidth Optimizer Add-on

The BWO-II is an optional hub component that reduces the required space capacity of a planned VSAT network by 15% to 30%. It can also enable more VSATs to be added to an existing network, without adding space segment.

SkyEdge II supports the following VSATs:

  • Accent – Dual Waveform VSAT supporting very high throughput services through both MF-TDMA and SCPC (continuous) mode carriers
  • IP – Enables high performance broadband IP and multicasting applications to individual or multiple business locations
  • WebEnhance – 1st VSAT with embedded high capacity, multi-Giga Byte microSD memory for an enhanced user experience and satellite bandwidth savings
  • Pro – Modular, two way VSAT enabling broadband IP access, and multicasting to one or many business or rural locations
  • meoEdge – Enables both TDMA and SCPC based services over O3b satellites using one remote equipment type
  • Access – Modular design with two expansion slots supporting high performance broadband IP, VoIP, and Video to rural and enterprise customers
  • Armadillo – All-Outdoor VSAT: Comprehensive VSAT satellite communications solution designed for all-weather communications in harsh environments
  • NetEdge – Specifically designed to meet the requirements of multi-star private networks for corporations as well as for cellular backhaul applications