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Airborne Antenna Systems

Why are leading manufacturers and integrators of high performance antennas systems choosing Wavestream transceivers for commercial and defense wireless communication applications?


The Wavestream AeroStream product line includes compact Ku-band transceivers in 25W and 40W transmit power with full, transmit-and-receive band support. The product line covers both pressurized and non-pressurized airborne environments. AeroStream products are designed to meet the requirements of RTCA/DO-160G, Boeing, Airbus, and ARINC  specifications for commercial aircraft, and MIL-STD requirements for military aircraft.


The AeroStream 25W and 40W Ku-band transceivers offer the necessary interfaces to work seamlessly with leading modems and antenna control units, providing system integrators with a convenient, turnkey solution.



Based on Wavestream’s patented Spatial Power Advantage™ technology, AeroStream provides high output power with greater efficiency and reliability, all in more compact, lighter product package designs suitable for the extreme airborne environment.


Wavestream is an established vendor in the aviation market and is well positioned to support the rapidly growing in-flight market. Wavestream is an industry leader in the development and worldwide deployment of transceivers, BUCs and amplifiers for use in commercial and military satellite communications applications. Wavestream’s Ka-band products have been successfully used in satellite systems, with over 5,000 deployed worldwide in just the last three years.