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Next Generation Technology for the Elastix Era

The satellite communication industry is going through an enormous transformation.
Satellite capacity is growing faster than ever before, as next generation satellite technology is evolving to multi-orbit constellations that include Non-Geostationary Orbit (NGSO) constellations and Very High Throughput Satellites (VHTS). Customer demands are increasingly growing with new verticals and geographic markets opening to satellite communication.

This next generation of satellite communication will enable ubiquitous connectivity for fixed and mobility sites anywhere, will extend 5G and mobile Edge computing to serve remote sites and will enable mass market growth to connect IoT devices everywhere.  At Gilat we refer to this next generation as the Elastix Era of satellite communication, based on the demand for agile, flexible and scalable solutions.

Gilat will meet the demands of the Elastix Era with its next generation technology that will accurately and efficiently focus resources on actual demand with minimal costs. This transformation will address the major satellite industry challenges of requiring higher network capacity, at a lower cost, with ensured availability, lower latency and higher throughput per user. 

The Elastix Era is composed of four dimensions to deliver on the promise of next generation satellite communication.
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1. Cloud-Based Ecosystem
Where the agility and dynamic nature of the cloud is brought to satellite communications to provide unmatched efficiency

2. Multi-Orbit Satellite Constellations
Where multi-orbit constellations and very high throughput satellites provide orders of magnitude increase in capacity

3. Software-Defined Satellites
Where software defined satellites operate harmoniously creating an elastic network that constantly adjusts in sync with ever-changing conditions

4. Smart Access Scheme
Where any application is supported most efficiently even in the most demanding conditions



Gilat is driving innovation of the ground segment to address the Elastix Era. In the Elastix Era ground and space must work in harmony!

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