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Enterprises: Relieving the Fear of using Satellite Communication
March 24, 2021
By Doreet Oren, Director Product Marketing at Gilat

Enterprises and geographically diverse organizations need access to their data, anywhere and anytime.  And if we didn’t know this before, the Covid-19 pandemic demonstrated just how much we rely on high-speed broadband connectivity to maintain our ability to work and keep our businesses running.  Newsflash: without satellite communication, it would have been even more difficult for Enterprises to weather the storm.

Even under the most adverse conditions, be them environmental, geographical or societal, satellites provide communication capabilities when terrestrial service providers cannot do so.  But where as using satellite communication was once considered a necessary evil, today it provides significant advantages over ground-based channels and is quickly becoming a well-considered choice for businesses and organizations. 

Fast, reliable, secure and ubiquitous data connectivity is required to enable business growth worldwide; satellite communication is the answer to this need. However, the key is to find the right satellite ground segment supplier that meets the unique needs of Enterprises and Service Providers.

So why are Enterprises worried about using satellite communications?
Satellite communication services are often used to provide connectivity to remote areas for consumer activities such as browsing, email, and other Internet applications. However, the reasons why Enterprises have been reluctant to utilize satellite communication services relate to concerns regarding their mission-critical applications, the required robustness of the connection and security when extending their Virtual Private Network (VPN) applications. Since VPN applications were not specifically designed for satellite networks, they often have trouble staying connected due to the inadequate performance of the satellite connection. In order to overcome the challenges, while still benefiting from the use of satellite communications, it is critical for Enterprises to select a satellite ground segment that does not compromise security and performance nor add unnecessary complexity.  

Gilat Satellite Networks’ SkyEdge IIc platform provides superior technology to overcome the major concerns of every type of Enterprise:

Performance: Gilat’s solution ensures high performance over the satellite link, supported by its TCP acceleration technique. Gilat’s acceleration technique is embedded in the VSAT and as such provides even better performance. In addition, this integrated embedded acceleration solution is highly efficient due to having only a single box to manage.

Reducing Complexity: Enterprises can extend their VPN over satellite with SkyEdge IIc Layer 2 services with acceleration, thus minimizing complexity.  By connecting the customer premises (for example, an MNO, Telco or ISP) and the carrier core (EPC, Corporate or BRAS) with a satellite based transparent IP VPN, Enterprises maintain the efficacy of their VPN with the addition of the satellite component. As a matter of fact, SkyEdge II-c Layer-2 networks are field deployed worldwide with Tier1/Tier2 Telco networks.

Ensuring Security: Gilat further provides the best end-to-end security from the Enterprise’s remote facility to the servers at the Corporate Data Center with Layer 2 or 3. SkyEdge II-c delivers embedded encrypted TCP acceleration from the customer device all the way to the Security Gateway at the Enterprise Corporate Data Center. This includes IPsec implemented in the VSAT, securing connectivity from the customer device to the VSAT.

Gilat has been highly successful at working with Enterprises worldwide for numerous years, meeting their specific needs to make satellite communication an integral part of their operations.

Will satellite communication decrease Total Cost of Ownership?
Absolutely! Gilat’s SkyEdge IIc platform was also designed to address the financial concerns of Enterprise customers thinking about satellite communication.  By offering different business models, Enterprises can build their expenditure plans by reducing both CAPEX and OPEX.

  • Minimizing CAPEX – The platform allows Enterprises to start small, purchasing only the hardware required at first. SkyEdge II-c’s scalable architecture allows customers to pay as the business grows and budget allows.
  • Optimizing OPEX – The main OPEX cost is based on the total MHz used. Gilat’s platform provides more throughput from the available bandwidth by pushing more Mbps out of the MHz on the satellite. The platform reduces OPEX costs by increasing throughput with less space segments.

What are the additional benefits of satellite communication for Enterprises?
Faced with the need for 24/7 connectivity to keep their businesses operating, Enterprises need systems and platforms that will keep working, regardless of the different conditions that may hinder communication, such as natural or manmade disasters (e.g. floods, fires, earthquakes, terrorist activity.)

Gilat Satellite Networks’ SkyEdge IIc platform provides the best value for money to facilitate business prosperity and continuity in highly competitive Enterprise markets:

  • Coverage
    • Regardless of where offices or sites might be located, satellite communication makes it possible to provide high-throughput broadband communication everywhere in a reliable and secure way. Service levels are comparable or better than terrestrial connectivity without the need to install terrestrial infrastructure.
  • Fast Deployment
    • With no need to deploy cumbersome landline infrastructure to reach remote or hard-to-reach locations, satellite services can be up and running in a matter of days. 
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Support
  • Weather conditions and other national disasters can completely wipe out terrestrial communication services in minutes. These situations demand the use of satellite communication.  Using satellite communication guarantees that businesses can continue to operate their global communications systems and first-responders have a reliable means to coordinate life-saving operations.

What are the things to look for when working with a satellite communication provider?
Experience, expertise and local presence.
Gilat has been leading the satellite communication market for over 30 years, with innovative technology operating in all regions of the world.  The cross section of our global expertise, local presence and outstanding support and delivery capabilities makes our offering superior to any other on the market.  

Gilat is constantly strengthening its offering for the Enterprise market with additional features. In 2020, Gilat introduced the most sophisticated, flexible and efficient Quality of Service (QoS) capabilities that operates on any number of gateways, beams or satellites. Smarter bandwidth management is provided with Gilat’s Cloud QoS based on the ability to pre-set the expected average throughput per service-level for each application. In addition, bandwidth can be temporarily allocated according to actual flow and need via dynamic VSAT prioritization to serve mission critical needs.

Gilat’s SkyEdge IIc platform is field-proven and successfully deployed in multiple Tier-1 enterprises worldwide. With Gilat’s solution, Enterprises achieve true high-speed global broadband connectivity for voice, data and video services with better security, operational efficiencies and lower costs. We offer end-to-end enterprise solutions, including VSAT equipment and a full set of managed services. Our set of VSATs support varied needs and as such the VSATs are fine-tuned per vertical, addressing capabilities such as support of low power requirements, climate proof needs, end-to end encryption and support of thousands of connections per site.

Gilat has a broad installed base of multiple Enterprise verticals such as: Oil & Gas, Retail, SMEs, Education, Government, Banks and other financial institutions, as well as SCADA/IoT solutions. We also service a wide range of additional markets including Cellular Backhaul, Mobility applications operating on land, sea and air, Consumer Broadband and Defense. Gilat’s multi-service platform has the benefit of enabling service-providers and enterprises to expand and diversify their business.

If you require an extension to your Enterprise network and want to know more about how Gilat can help you tailor a business model to fit your needs, please write to us at:

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