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SkyEdge IV – Architected for the Cloud!


A key dimension of the New Elastix Space Era is the cloud-based ecosystem.

In the next generation of satellite communication systems, cloud elasticity will be the way things are done. Virtualization and the ability to work seamlessly in a cloud environment, both public and private, will support a cloud infrastructure and maximize data-throughput over IaaS & PaaS cloud models, thereby providing significant improvements to the economies of scale. SkyEdge IV, Gilat’s next-generation multi-service platform, was designed specifically to take advantage of cloud capabilities.

SkyEdge IV was built with the cloud-based Elastix-Architecture, leveraging cloud technologies. This will enable satellite operators to have a ground segment that can be easily integrated into the common computing infrastructure. In turn, operators will have the ability to scale up/down based on the real-time network needs and thus increase their operational efficiency and reduce operational costs.

SkyEdge IV’s Elastix-TotalNMS is a microservice-based cloud-native application featuring standard interfaces to next-generation satellite resource managers and cloud service orchestrators. This enables streamlined orchestration, from services through infrastructure.

SkyEdge IV will allow operators to correctly select and assign the right resources to a workload or application to achieve optimal efficiency. The resources will be scalable and elastic in near-real-time and metered by use. Systems will be primarily software, demand-based with efficient and dynamic network scalability. Resources will be used only as needed to meet surges in demand as they arise.

Lastly, SkyEdge IV will operate as a cloud resource, providing enormous elasticity; organizations won’t need to buy and maintain the latest hardware devices or maintain their own data centers when scaling up or down their operations. The common infrastructure management tasks such as scaling, scheduling, patching and provisioning will be handled by cloud providers; therefore, businesses can focus their time and effort on the business logic specific to their applications or processes.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Elastix-Architecture is ideal for maximizing throughput over IaaS & PaaS cloud models
  • Elastix Total NMS features standard interfaces to cloud service orchestrators
  • A platform with software built for virtual optimal scalability
  • Will allow operators to optimally use cloud resources based on actual demand
  • Will be managed as a cloud resource, enabling operational cost efficiency


View our Cloud technology infographic:

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