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Giving Remote Communities Access
to the World’s Knowledge

Education has always been about access to knowledge. It used to come mainly from books and teachers; today this is no longer the case. Technology is revolutionizing the way we learn – from pre-schools to universities. E-learning (aka distance learning) and access to pedagogical content knowledge can potentially level the playing field among students regardless of their socio-economic status or geographical location.

However, in order to enjoy these benefits, schools and students need access to the Internet. This is particularly difficult in developing countries and rural areas where the majority of people still aren’t connected. Satellite communications is the technology that can bring broadband connectivity to every school in every village at an affordable price.

Gilat’s easy-to-deploy e-learning solution allows rural communities to experience the same level of education and services offered in urban centers. Our end-to-end solution includes state-of-the-art VSAT hubs and terminals that deliver broadband services such as live streaming of lectures, videoconferencing, real-time collaboration among students and teachers, and broadband access to knowledge centers.

Our solution is currently being used to enable tens of thousands of schools and millions of students around the world to access e-learning applications, online libraries and educational material. It is proven to deliver fast, reliable broadband connectivity to remote areas lacking terrestrial infrastructure.

Top reasons for choosing Gilat’s Education solution:

  • Cost-effective, simple deployment where terrestrial infrastructure does not exist
  • Satellite connectivity can be delivered wherever the school or training center is located
  • Improves the efficiency and lowers the cost of delivering courses remotely
  • High performance and low latency for an outstanding user experience

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