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Boost Business Operations and Reduce Costs
with Fast-to-Deploy VSAT Network

To increase their competitive edge, retailers are seeking to implement advanced online systems for credit/debit card authorization and other value added services. However, rolling out a terrestrial network for retail chains with dozens of outlets spread over vast territories is a slow and often prohibitively expensive process, leaving many stores out of the loop.

Gilat’s retail solution enables cost-effective delivery of broadband connectivity to widely dispersed, multi-site retail operations. Using Gilat’s VSAT infrastructure, retailers can implement any number of broadband applications, from credit card authorization and Point of Sale (POS) to value-added online services such as POS data polling, loyalty programs and real-time inventory control.

Credit card or other transaction information is sent via satellite from the remote location terminals to the hub center, where it is sent over a dedicated, high-speed connection to the authorization center. Return authorization information is then sent back to the hub, uplinked to the satellite and received back at the remote location.

This high-performance solution helps retailers shorten transaction times and enhance customer satisfaction. At the same time, by enabling a wide array of online services and merging applications, Gilat’s solution results in improved cost control, better employee management and improved corporate communications.

Top reasons for choosing Gilat’s Retail solution:

  • Virtually instantaneous round-trip credit/debit card authorization response times using always-on satellite network
  • Simple and swift deployment for all locations in the network with minimal capital investment
  • Ubiquitous, reliable and high-quality coverage throughout the network
  • Eliminates the cost of maintaining multiple dedicated lines
  • Wide variety of financial and value-added services supported from single platform

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