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Network Design& Optimization

Creating a Blueprint for
Your Successful Network Deployment

Thorough, systematic network planning is an essential first step for ensuring a timely and cost-effective network deployment.

Whether you’re building a new network or optimizing your existing deployment, Gilat’s Network Design & Optimization service offers expert on-site network engineering assistance. Our experienced network engineers work with customers to define network requirements, build the optimal network design and architecture, find ways to optimize existing networks and create an effective migration plan.

The Network Design & Optimization service includes the following activities, among others:

  • Requirements analysis – Determine the type of transport and access solutions (satellite, terrestrial or hybrid) to be used based on an analysis of the coverage region and topology, required applications and QoS levels.
  • Network design plan – Develop a comprehensive network design plan for your deployment, aligned to meet your specific business requirements
  • Design documentation – Provide baseline network design recommendation and all documentation needed to support the network architecture
  • Satellite related activities – Prepare for growth and implement required changes such as link budgets, parameter revisions, frequency plan revisions, satellite and antenna changes and RF equipment expansion.
  • Network health check – Inspect network health including in-depth breakdown of the existing network, sub-systems and software
  • Periodic network auditing – Conduct periodic end-to-end network audits to proactively identify potential issues and to make sure your network is fully optimized.

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