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Defense & Government

Emergency Response& Public Safety

Dependable, On-the-Move Communications
When Lives Are at Stake

In crisis situations – from terrorist bombings to tsunamis and massive forest fires – lives depend on fast emergency response. First responders need effective real-time communications for making critical high-pressure decisions in the toughest imaginable circumstances. When disasters strike, the last thing responders can depend on is the availability of the existing communications infrastructure.

First responders, such as firefighters, police and rescue services, count on Gilat’s Satcom-on-the-Move (SOTM) solutions to manage emergency response and public safety efforts in the most challenging environments. Our highly resilient and quick-to-deploy solutions provide fast and reliable broadband connectivity in cases where existing infrastructure collapses or in remote areas beyond the reach of terrestrial networks.

Our SOTM solutions are designed for fast setup and do not require technical training. Compact, low-profile antennas installed on emergency vehicles can provide first responders broadband connectivity even before they reach the emergency site. Response teams gain access to always-on, real-time video streaming, voice and high-speed data communications that help them do the important work of saving lives.

Top reasons for choosing Gilat’s Emergency Response & Public Safety solution:

  • Satellite-based broadband connectivity independent from the vulnerable terrestrial infrastructure
  • Fast setup time lets first responders hit the ground running
  • Reliable, high speed broadband connectivity for mission-critical emergency activities

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