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Government & Emergency Response

Satellite communications provide reliable and resilient communication channels at all times

Satellite communication plays a vital role in government and emergency operations, offering reliable and resilient communication capabilities for emergency response, business continuity and backup services.

Gilat is a leading global provider of satellite communication solutions, including those specifically designed for emergency situations. With deployments around the world, Gilat’s emergency solutions have consistently delivered exceptional performance and reliability. Key attributes of Gilat’s emergency solutions include:

  • High availability
  • Reliable & resilient service
  • Quick & easy deployment anywhere

Many Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) who use Gilat’s cellular backhaul over satellite (CBH) to extend networks to remote locations also use Gilat’s CBH for emergency situations when terrestrial networks fail. From Japan to the UK to the United States, Tier-1 MNOs such as Softbank, KDDI, Globe Telecom, T-Mobile and EE/British Telecom are relying on Gilat when the unexpected happens.

Gilat provides a full range of solutions including Emergency Communication, Remote Monitoring and Surveillance, Border Security, Connectivity in Rural and Remote Areas and Disaster Management and Recovery.  One of the frequently used solutions is Cell on Wheels (COW), a portable base station used to provide temporary cellular network coverage for high-profile events and emergency situations where existing base stations become damaged, or during natural disasters such as bushfires and floods. It includes a cellular antenna, transceiver device, battery, and other necessary equipment required to provide a stable wireless mobile network as needed, mounted over vehicles such as trucks or trailers, making the entire setup portable.  

Gilat can also provide emergency response services over the internet.  LASCOM in Japan is chartered with providing connectivity in case of emergency to all prefectures in Japan. They are using Gilat’s platform and VSATs to provide very high throughput, quality and resilience so that an array of services can be reliably delivered to prefectural and local governments, individuals, and first responders. This includes voice services, video feeds from disaster sites, video multicasts to local sites, emergency alerts, mobility services, and data services.

Overall, satellite communication empowers governments to establish robust communication networks, strengthen emergency response capabilities, ensure public safety, and enable efficient governance in both routine and crisis situations. It enables effective command and control, timely dissemination of alerts and warnings, situational awareness, search and rescue operations and backup communication, ultimately contributing to more efficient and coordinated emergency responses.


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