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The #1 Choice of Mobile Operators for 4G, Now Proven for 5G

Mobile network operators (MNOs) are constantly looking for ways to expand coverage, accelerate time to market and capitalize on the growing demand for mobile voice and data services in metro, metro-edge and rural areas. Due to the prohibitive costs and excessive time to deploy terrestrial backhaul networks on islands, mountainous regions and other hard-to-serve areas, cellular backhaul (CBH) over satellite is often the only viable option.

Gilat’s cellular backhaul solution makes it possible for MNOs to rapidly and cost-effectively extend cellular coverage, provide emergency response connectivity and ensure critical business continuity. Our end-to-end solution includes state-of-the-art VSAT hubs and terminals designed to allow your customers to enjoy the benefits of true 4G/LTE performance.  Gilat’s LTE backhaul solutions are comparable quality to terrestrial solutions for metro and metro-edge, as is the case for rural and emergency/backup solutions. For these reasons, Gilat is recognized as the market leader for CBH over satellite for 4G.

In parallel, the satellite communication industry is going through a massive transformation; multi-orbit constellations are being launched with new types of satellites that enable higher throughput and flexible coverage using software-defined capabilities in space.

These new satellite capabilities require the ground segment to evolve and expand to enable next generation applications such as 5G and IoT, alongside classic solutions such as CBH, In-Flight Connectivity and Maritime. The next generation ground segment must be elastic, agile and have an open, cloud-based architecture that provides the best solutions to the needs of future satellite networks at maximum efficiency (CapEx and OpEx) throughout the network’s lifecycle.

Designed to operate with next generation VHTS and SW defined satellites, Gilat’s VSAT platforms are future ready, enabling easy migration to 5G, supporting advanced edge computing for IoT aggregation as well as 5G VPN networks. And to simplify operations, Gilat’s solutions provide satellite network integration with cloud infrastructure and SDN/NFV. Patented layer 2/3 embedded acceleration techniques were built to overcome the inherent latency in satellite communications, which is critical for ensuring the required user experience. Gilat’s CBH solution has already achieved 1GBPS to the handset.

Top reasons for choosing Gilat’s cellular backhaul solution:

  • Fast and reliable for cellular coverage extension, emergency response and business continuity
  • SkyEdge IV Aquarius VSATs with > 2Gbps throughput for demanding 5G applications
  • End-to-end encryption with patented layer 2/3 embedded acceleration achieving 1Gbps to the handset
  • Enabling advanced edge computing for IoT aggregation and caching in remote 5G networks
  • Satellite network integration with cloud infrastructure and SDN/NFV core for simplified operations
  • Extending 5G private networks to any location


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