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Broadband Connectivity for All

Broadband connectivity allows users to access and transfer large amounts of data, such as streaming media, video conferencing, online gaming, and downloading or uploading files, at significantly faster speeds compared to traditional dial-up or narrowband connections. Satellite broadband is particularly valuable in areas where traditional terrestrial networks are not available or are impractical to deploy.

Satellite broadband offers benefits to various individuals, communities, and industries, including:

Individuals in Remote and Rural Areas – Satellite broadband allows people to connect with the world, access online education, telecommute, access telemedicine services, and enjoy entertainment options like streaming videos and gaming.

Underserved Communities – Satellite broadband helps bridge the digital divide by providing internet access to underserved communities, including those in developing countries or regions with inadequate infrastructure. It gives these communities the opportunity to participate in the digital economy, access online resources, and connect with people globally.

Education and E-Learning: Satellite broadband supports online education and e-learning initiatives by providing access to educational resources, virtual classrooms, and remote learning opportunities. It allows students in remote areas or with limited educational infrastructure to access quality education materials and participate in interactive learning experiences.

Businesses and Enterprises: Satellite broadband benefits businesses and enterprises operating in remote locations or industries that require reliable connectivity. It facilitates efficient communication, data transfer, cloud-based services, video conferencing, and access to remote offices or branches. It enables businesses to operate effectively, expand their reach, and tap into global markets.

Satellite broadband is a key element of Gilat’s portfolio as it supports our vision of believing in the right of all people to be connected.


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