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Gilat offers more than a decade of experience in the design, verification, qualification and manufacture of both Ka and Ku SSPAs, BUCs and Transceivers with more than 30 thousand products currently in service around the world.  Over this tenure, Gilat has worked strategically with our partners to meet their unique commercial needs.
Whether a variant of an existing product or a fully custom solution, Gilat has the experience and depth to support your system design needs. Each product is tested and qualified to meet the toughest commercial and military standards to ensure we deliver the highest industry reliability for our products which are designed for operation in the world’s harshest and hostile environments. We look forward to an opportunity to leveraging our experience to turn your unique programmatic needs into solutions that fuel your business growth. 

Our reputation for technical innovation and high standards for quality, reliability, performance and high volume manufacturing capabilities has resulted in our continued growth and ability to offer our partners leading-edge technology, products and superior customer service to support mission-critical satellite communication systems anywhere in the world. We invite you to browse our portfolio of products below for standard off the shelf as well as custom Semi-Custom products to meet your specific needs. 

Ka Custom/Semi-Custom Product Portfolio

The following products are not available off the shelf but are representative of Gilat’s capabilities for Custom and Semi-custom offering(s).

PowerStream 160W Ka-Wideband Block Upconverter
Gilat’s PowerStream Ka-Band 160W GaN BUC offers 2.5 GHz bandwidth, and is capable of handling multiple carriers with complex modulations while maintaining excellent EVM performance. Incorporating Gilat’s Spatial Power Advantage™ technology provides high power output with industry leading efficiency and reliability for gateway satellite communications system applications.


500W Ka Wideband GaN Endurance BUC
This Gateway-Class, Highly Reliable, Redundant GaN BUC leads the industry in linear power, MTBF, and Total Cost of Ownership. The Wavestream 500W Ka-Wideband Endurance BUC is a Solid State Amplifier that is a Hot-Swappable, Rack Mount design, the can cover multiple commercial and military frequency bands with a switchable upconverter.




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